We are pleased to announce that our schools are now open in a limited capacity.
Please note the following rules we must adhere to as per the Government’s guidelines.

Maximum Occupancy:

  • No more then 50 people will be in any CBK location at 1 time
  • All students will be spaced out, according to heath guidelines, by at least 6 ft apart. They will each have their own designated training square

Physical Distancing:

  • Students are required to arrive at their scheduled class time
  • Classes will be given a 45 min time block with 5-7 minutes before and after class for instructors to disinfect, and give students ample time to disinfect their hands and feet
  • Martial Arts instruction will be 30-35 minutes
  • Instruction will consist of non-contact basic drills, sparring combos, and traditional katas
  • No partner work will be done (ie. no ippons, sparring or grappling etc. will be done)
  • Student will follow designated direction arrows for entering and exiting the school
  • Parents will not be permitted in facility unless they are a new to the school at which point a 2 visit maximum will be enforced
  • Parents can log into the online class format to watch their children from the safety of the parking lot
  • Students can wear their boxing gloves to reduce the amount of contact to objects and make for easier disinfection
  • Students can wear socks if they would like
  • Students and Instructors can wear face masks if they choose but it is not mandatory
  • Students should also bring their own hand towel to class for sweat, hand and foot drying.
  • Each dojo will have its own entrance and exit strategies based on layout so please refer to your head instructor for more details
  • Please log into the ZENPLANNER app to reserve your spot in each class

Cleaning and Disinfection:

  • All surfaces within the dojo training space or accessed within the building (including but not limited to: floors, desk, door handles, light switches, and equipment) will be properly cleaned and disinfected before/between/after classes.
  • The instructors will maintain a safe distance while helping students with their techniques.

Hygiene and Illness Management:

  • All instructors and students must wash and disinfect their hands before/between/after classes.
  • All instructors and students must follow well-established protocols for hygiene etiquette and avoid touching your mouth/face with your hands
  • All instructors and students are asked to self-screen for symptoms before heading to class
  • If an instructor or student has COVID-19 symptoms or is in contact with someone who currently has COVID-19 they are required to remain absent from in-person classes for a minimum of 10 days.
  • If an instructor or student has travelled internationally he/she is required to remain absent from in-person classes for a minimum of 14 days.

We will also continue to post videos on the video section as well so you can also practice at home!

If you are a member of our school click here to members area to log on (if you are a member you would have received an email with log in info and class times)
If you are not yet a member please register using the form below and we will get back to you shortly!