We’ve been teaching karate in Victoria and southern Vancouver Island for over 25 years!

Although our techniques are based on centuries old knowledge, our application of that knowledge sets Canada’s Best Karate school apart from the other schools.

We realize that each student possesses different physical abilities. Size and strength varies with each individual, so once a student has acquired a strong foundation in the basics, our program will enhance his or her personal physical capabilities and maximize their self-defense skills. They will understand exactly what it takes, mentally and physically, to defend themselves should the need ever arise!

Best of all, our programs are packed with fun as students meet new friends and increase their knowledge about the human body while they learn!

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Shihan Mueller is pleased to announce the release of his new book “The True North Dojo”.
Here is the AUDIOBOOK version of  “The Introduction” – Narrated by Shihan Bob Mueller
Coming next year this book will become an important part an of our curriculum. Please take a few minutes to listen to Shihan’s AUDIO/VISUAL presentation and I think you will realize why we are so excited to have you read and understand the deep roots and stories of Canada’s Best Karate. We suggest you get your copy before Christmas instead of waiting until the New Year when the book is introduced to the teaching program.




Canada’s Best Karate programs can be started any time of the year. Because of the unique way we structure and organize our classes and curriculum you can begin right away in a beginner class and not feel like you are “behind” the other students. It also means that you do not have to wait for a group of students or a certain time to advance to the next level.

We evaluate all of our students on an individual basis so that when a students has demonstrated the required skills of their current level they can immediately move on to the next set of requirements. This means more personal attention and more enjoyment.

If you’ve already looked at karate schools, you may have seen some that weren’t really set up for teaching kids. Your concern is valid – children studying martial arts have different needs than adults, yet some schools simply modify their adult courses and call them ‘children’s karate.’

At Canada’s Best™ Karate, we have developed specialized programs for karate instruction in different age groups to ensure that the learning exercises are fun and safe. Your child learns and practices in a physical and philosophical environment that also emphasizes their safety. It begins with strict discipline within the dojo, or training gym, where our instructors discourage showmanship and egotism, promoting camaraderie and mutual respect. It’s completed with a K2000 Safety Floor and other padded equipment that reduce accident risk during training.

Today’s parents are learning a new vocabulary. Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders are being diagnosed in children under 13 years old by many paediatricians and psychologists. Parents are looking for alternatives to drugs, such as Rydalin, to help their children focus and concentrate in school. And many Canada’s Best Karate parents are finding that their children are learning to control their emotional reactions and concentrate longer in school due to participating in karate classes. This increased performance has been linked to the combined mind and body training that is integral to karate.

Helping children diagnosed with ADD, Autism and other learning disorders involves getting a team together, including doctors and educators, to guide parents towards finding solutions that work for their child’s unique situation. Canada’s Best Karate is proud to be included on many such “teams”. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child’s unique challenges.

The best way to determine if your child is ready to begin a martial arts program is to have them actually try a class and see how they respond.

Our instructors will assess your child during their trial classes and will let you know if and when they can be accepted into the CBK program. Don’t worry, if they are not ready, we will tell you and also recommend when we think you should bring them back to try again. We want you to feel comfortable in your decision to join Canada’s Best Karate, whenever that time may be.

There are many types and styles of martial arts offered at various clubs throughout the city. While the names vary – karate, tae kwon do, ju jitsu, judo – the type of techniques taught can range from striking (punching and/or kicking), throwing and takedowns, grappling and submission moves.

At Canada’s Best Karate we feel that the best martial art combines the elements of effective self-defence within an environment that helps develop strong character – Confidence, Respect and Discipline. That is why our curriculum is comprised of elements from both traditional karate and modern kickboxing, judo and ju jitsu as well as wrestling and grappling.

Equally as important is how the techniques are taught. Our certified Black Belt instructors know how to keep kids focused and having fun while ensuring they progress at a pace that encourages further effort. Combine that with our wide selection of training equipment for every person in class and you get a program that will keep your child having fun for years to come!


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