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Why would a grandparent and other family commit to karate for a minimum of three times a week, plus many weekends for many years? Well, two reasons. One, nothing in this world is more important than our grandson Ethan, and two, we believed that Canada's Best Karate would do what they said they would; and they did. Both teams made a commitment to Ethan and then Ethan really went for it! He grew from a tiny three year old with his first headband to a young man with a Black Belt. It's what happened to Ethan between these two milestones that is really important. The learning that took place during this journey will last Ethan a lifetime. He developed his own great character based partly on what he saw in the character of his leaders - his Sensei's, his Sempai's and the kosans, now his peers. He learned commitment because he saw commitment from his leaders. He developed a discipline from the long road to his Black Belt in karate that hopefully will be there as he encounters other challenges in his life that will require discipline to succeed. He strengthened his self-esteem through his successes in karate and the support he was given and earned. The ever present lack of "stick-with-it-ness" in society is less for Ethan as he truly believed that quitting karate was not an option. As a young person struggling with making his own way in a big world nothing is more important than a sense of belonging; belonging to a group where you feel a connection; probably a lifelong connection. This would be one of the most treasured qualities that Ethan has developed. At Ethan's age his life is in front of him and his karate at CBK has been a base on which he can build this life. He has developed through teachings and his own hard work a strong sense of self-worth, commitment, loyalty, and the all-important belonging. It is hoped he will share his learning and instill these qualities in other children; and as well we hope he will transfer all these lessons and skills, and personal development from his martial arts training into his future. Sincerely, Gail (Ethan's Grandmother).
Ethan’s grandma
Two and a half years ago after moving to the island my husband and I started looking for a martial arts school for our 5 year old son. After a lot of research we felt we found a great school. After a few weeks of watching the classes we realized that not only have we chosen a fantastic school but it was filled with amazing teachers. After 2 1/2 years our son has gained so much, physical strength, stamina, focus and confidence in himself. CBK isn't just about learning karate, it is learning how to be a great person, how to treat people, learning patience and kindness and so many other life skills. This is a school that I can proudly say that we are a part of and would definitely recommend anyone join Canada's Best Karate.
The Stadneks
We have 2 young children aged 5 and 4 that attend Canada's Best Karate and we could not be happier! Our 5 year old son Emery has been taking karate for 2 years, starting in the "Safe for Tots" program, and is STILL excited to attend his classes! We live in the Langford area and drive downtown twice a week. The commute is absolutely compensated by the quality of instruction and family atmosphere they provide. They have a perfect balance of discipline and fun. My son grew an attachment to all of the instructors from day 1 of taking lessons. Our daughter Lily loved watching Emery over the 2 years, she wanted to join as well and is now loving the "Safe for Tots" program! We love the fact they have to 'earn' their tips and belts, it is not just given to them. If they aren't able to achieve the tip or belt, they are positively motivated and encouraged by the instructors to keep trying. They teach karate traditions, discipline, self confidence, team work and positivity. They also host, BBQ's, games with costumes for Halloween, and open houses. I feel Canada's Best Karate is one of the most friendly, family oriented and motivating martial arts business there is, welcoming all new comers with a smile. If anyone is thinking of joining martial arts, I would highly recommend Canada's Best Karate.
Matt and Sarah Webber
Our son Jacob began karate at Canada’s Best Karate (CBK) when he was three years old. We had tried some classes through the rec centre, and although okay, the instructor lacked any connection with the students. We came to CBK and enrolled him in the “Tots” program, and were amazed at the difference. The CBK instructors had that perfect balance of fun and discipline that kept the kids engaged and interested in learning. “Kosan” Jacob is now 11, and has been training at CBK for 8 years. Karate and CBK has taught him respect, self discipline, hard work, confidence, control and leadership. Improved coordination and work ethic from karate has resulted in success both in other sports and at school. CBK provides a positive environment, which empowers children to succeed. The entire experience at CBK has been great, and we would not hesitate to recommend to others.
Bob and Sandra Fulton
Hunter has now been with CBK for about 3 years and he loves it. He has seen that you don’t need to be the biggest or the strongest or even the best; as long as you are doing your best you are unstoppable. The self discipline aspect has helped him in school as he is learning to be patient and wait his turn for things and to not be in such a rush to finish a project but to take his time and do his best the first time. Even though some of the other kids still like to point out how much smaller he is he shrugs it off more often then not. He is also not afraid to let others know when what they say or do is something he doesn’t like and to please stop. I really love that Sensei Raj has a truly open door, I can talk to him about anything that I am concerned about regarding Hunter– be it Hunter getting picked on for his size, Hunter acting up or Hunter bringing home a great report card. Also I love that Hunter is able to talk to his Sensei or Sempais and he knows this so it’s like my son has a great group of people he can go to if he needs to, not only that but he has an amazing group of role models. I myself now study karate with CBK and have found it has been a good choice for me as well. For a lot of the same reasons I love it for my son, with the added bonus of sharing something with my son. My daughter also can’t wait to start learning Karate so soon it will be all three of us learning at CBK.
Liz Hall